What will be our SOCIAL CONTRACT with ESL LEARNING when technology takes over?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2rdEHOa)

In the future we will be able to:

  • Learn anything we want
  • Learn anyway we want
  • Learn at the speed we want
  • Learn something never before possible
  • Learn something amazing and life changing for a very cheap price
  • Learn from whoever we want
  • Learn whenever we want
  • Learn things for no specific reason
  • Learn things for a very specific reason
  • Learn wherever we want
  • Unlearn everything and anything learned before and faster than ever
  • …and so it goes on

These things are all for sure. The question we have to ask ourselves is, what kind of social contract will we have with this technological tool we are building so that our learning stays within our own realm of sanity, morality and legality, and yet is still able to expand our minds, souls and bodies?

Taking a step back in time we can look at such realisations as the fact that the earth is not flat it is round. The acceptance of that principle has led to so many new horizons in understanding pretty much everything, but unfortunately it was only after many years of fighting with religious authorities and losing many lives to (what was then considered) immoral thinking. Will we do the same with the new ESL concepts learned through technology?

Take also the introduction of the motor vehicle, deemed to never last longer than a few years, a fad for the wealthy and demanding new laws such as no car can go faster than 8 miles per hour! Will we be doing the same thing with these new technological learning advancements too?

We have already had a moral crossroads with cloning, something that has eventually ended up being one of modern medicines most interesting developments and is now becoming more acceptable in the embryonic stem cell research areas.

How much of a role will the law and policing play in the introduction of robots in our world, will we all really fall in love with a computer programme? Then what? How will our relationships change? Al these changes will require learning, or unlearning, and in particular, in what language? Will our social contract with English learning actually change or stay the same because of this? If so how?

What do you think?


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