The No. 1 THREAT to your English learning is lack of use of technology


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For most of you this will not be anything to worry about, but there are some people out there who do need a shake up in terms of language learning. The old school approach to just going to school to get your course is slowly diminishing, that’s at one digital bite at a time!

Yes a great school is still important and a great teacher will never be replaced by a computer, but the world we a living in today is consumed by digital media, all communicating to you in not only your own language but English also. If you don’t connect to these mediums, you’ll be seeing yourself sink while others are rising with you wondering why.

Communication is the key and these days the key areas are social media related. Connecting to an English social media platform that you enjoy should be an integral part of how you learn. Today you don’t need to wait until you go home to watch tv, talk to your friends, speak to English speakers and watch movies….it’s all done anywhere you can get the internet.

The impact of technology on learning is exponential. Those who jump on it will feel themselves sore higher than those who don’t. But it isn’t just about social media, you’ll find that the demands of the modern world will be taking you into a lot of other forms of technology too.

For example If you are studying at a university, you’ll be expected to prepare your presentations, essays and assignments in a digital sense, therefore you need to be familiar with the different programmes. Also if you are going into any area of interest, the lecturer will expect you to be able to access research material online and engage with specific programmes to collate and interpret important field data and most importantly, you’ll be expected to liaise with your course lecturer and course members digitally.

Your confidence with technology is part and parcel to learning today. If you are trying to move away from it in the learning of English you will be seriously disadvantaging yourself and your ongoing learning.


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