ESL DICTIONARIES will not be the thing we search, in the future they will be SEARCHING US


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Sounds crazy I know, but hold onto your hat, the google search we think of so easily today, will soon be searching us. The development of language could well be in the hands of the laptop or piece of technology right in front of you.

For thousands of years language has evolved through people travelling, passing on new ideas, new information and so on, and eventually a common dictionary was created. This became well known as the likes of the ‘Oxford dictionary’, that definitive book where all words were held, had their true and complete meaning made simple for all, had the correct ‘British’ pronunciation made clear.

Then came Google – the dictionary suddenly had a new meaning and was no longer as definite, there were many more meanings and pronunciations, so much more to learn and unlearn and accept. All about the development of the international language of English.

But now there is a new horizon. English is now so prolific around the globe that virtually anyone in business or in any higher level of research and understanding must have their English to communicate. But the difference is that the English they speak in London may nto be completely the same as they speak in Brazil, or the Congo or Kazakhstan! Every area will have its own English – and Google (or something similar) will be looking for you to find out what it is to record it, to store it, and to explore it further so others can understand you and everything around you more.

English (along with any other modern language today), will not be as static as it was before. Machines will be capturing it all and deciphering it too, to spread it around like a virus or even a good will.

Whatever happens to learning a language in the future, it won’t be like things are now. Soon we will be the very thing that needs searching. How fascinating our communication will be then.


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