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The latest research into overall learning is turning out to be quite an eye opener. The whole logical way of developing an idea is now being debunked, not only as something we don’t do any more but something we never did!

This is fascinating, and has actually only fully emerged since tech companies have poured millions and billions of dollars into how a person learns, with a view to mimicking it in machines. Machines are after all extremely logical, and highly proficient at doing tasks that follow straight forward patterns, but new research has shown that this is where humans and machines will part ways.

We’ve all heard of ‘deep learning’ now, as machines have become so well programmed they are starting to think like a human, but the programming is based on complex errors and learning from errors, and building knowledge, manners, etiquette, and overall trying to create new ideas or learn in very predictably unpredictable ways…(if that’s possible). But the truth is that humans don’t think with their brain at all. They actually think more with their emotions than anything else.

Many futurists are fearing the world domination by machines and we as humans will only be servants, but there are some key differences that machines will never be able to compete on.

All these factors below are integral in our learning process. Humans tend to have:

  1. Positivity

For us to want to learn comes from an inherent positive approach to life.

  1. Engagement

The means in which we engage change from moment to moment and can be based on emotional connections right through to a disciplinary approach, but ultimately it is fickle in nature and comes and goes throughout a learning session

  1. Relationships

People form real bonds with others that again can be anything from a funny sense of humour to a great love, the combination of our these relationships form affect our learning processes.

  1. Meaning

Humans are always asking – why – why am I doing this, why are we here, why do I have to learn this. This very question of wanting to know the meaning is the driving force as to how to learn.

  1. Accomplishment

To learn for the sake of learning is a rare state, it also comes and goes in our every day, but learning to accomplish something brings drive and motivation, and of course euphoria when we achieve it.

Fortunately no machine will ever be able to compete on these 5 planes, but also they never should do, because these are the key corner stones of truly creative thinking and building of ideas. Logical thinking comes into play of course and that is where machines can help us in the long run, but the spontaneity of learning form moment to moment is still the world of humanness.

The future of learning is extremely exciting if you look at these 5 points. There are plenty of questions for us to ask, and machines are only tools to help us with the answers. The world of future learning is as open as these 5 points. We need to keep our own minds open to take full advantage of it.


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