In the ESL business the LOWEST price and FASTEST learning IDEAL won’t change – but EVERYTHING ELSE WILL


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From a business perspective, the ESL world is going through changes also. Technology is taking a grip of all education and ESL is one of the most targeted. The reality is that everyone has to be ready, the school owner, the teacher and even the student. However, there are still some things that won’t change, and they are

  • everyone will always want the lowest price possible
  • everyone will always want the fastest way to learn English

If you are a school owner and have never heard these requests, you haven’t been in the business long enough, however saying that I am not at all suggesting that schools should all have a race to the bottom for prices or crank up the daily English activities to speed up the learning. As we all know it’s really about trying to understand what you are doing and why in a whole new way.

Certainly quality will still be something people will be prepared to pay for, but how you deliver that quality is going to have to be unique. So too the nature of learning will change, and every school needs to be ready for it.

Here are some off the wall ideas that may just happen:

  1. short 15 minute lessons 8 times a day
  2. Learning virtually through holographic media
  3. Bio-genetically changing our DNA to assimilate more information
  4. Learning how to de-learn will be the norm
  5. Classes of 1 to 1 – peer learning
  6. Embedded learning done through micro-chips sewn into our skin
  7. …and so on

The future of learning is in the hands of those who can think outside the box. So schools need to be ready to jump on their ingenuity and run with it.

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