PRACTICE English you can BREATHE


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Language is, next to breathing, one of the most natural phenomenon we have. It is our innate desire to spread information or get feedback. There are all kinds of language of course, including body language, non-verbal language and of course languages from different societies.

Within the spoken language there are still many different aspects, e.g. formal language, informal language, slang, professional language, broken (English) language, sophisticated language, simple language, and so it goes on, but it is all about communication. Our desire to communicate sits there a long with our desire to breathe.

Hence the concept of practicing the English you learn on a level as if you were breathing it.

Perhaps a way to come at this is to look at the idea of how someone learns how to breathe. Sounds a no brainer, we are all born breathing – yes, but often we are not making the most of our breathing and so lose fitness or become more stressed because of it and so on. A language can be the same. If you aren’t sure about the language you are speaking, you can miscommunicate and/or waste your time and energy in a state of confusion.

So equating breathing practice to English practice is straight forward:

BREATHING:      Some yoga/meditation techniques involve the concept of taking time out from your daily routine and listen to your breath, and breathe deeply until you are at peace. This can go on for up to 60 minutes each day (though 15-30 min is enough). This is turn will allow less stress and deeper inner strength for the day.

ENGLISH SPEAKING: Correlating this to meditation is easy. Taking 30-60 minutes a day to simply read, write, speaking English is a measured calculated way will allow your soul to absorb the language deeper into your psyche so that throughout the day you are able to easily acquire the words and sentences you need to express what you want. Many people already do this through taking a class or focusing daily on some form of English learning or revision.

Once you take it into your heart that learning a language should be about ultimately making that language as if you are breathing it, is the key to long term fluency. Just grabbing a word here and there to get by will be like catching an extra breathe from nowhere to push yourself further forward, in the long run you will run out of steam.


2 thoughts on “PRACTICE English you can BREATHE

  1. i just sent this post onto teachers I’ll be working with this Summer. Students from China will come over for about 3 weeks to cement their English but also to learn about our American culture. This post is perfect. Thank you.

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