Will we be the LAST GENERATION who needs to LEARN ENGLISH?


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With the insurgence of so many new technologies the question of whether we will even need to learn English in the future is something people are pondering. Right now there is definitely still a need but who knows how things will turn out in even as near as 10 years time. 10 years time wills how the emergence of a new generation even more tech savvy than we could even imagine.

Right now we have these things:

  • Online English
  • Translator app
  • World englishes
  • Video translation
  • English in every primary school in the developing and developed world
  • Non English cultures speaking to their families in English only.
  • Bi-lingual schools
  • Dying languages (but not English)

In the future we may have:

  • Deep learning intelligences that will allow anything we search for to be immediately translated into the language of choice
  • Robots able to deliver and receive personalized information in any language of choice
  • Artificial intelligences able to efficiently and precisely perform our duties in any language of our choice

There is a lot of discussion on learning English in the future but one thing does still remain current, the subtleties and nuances of a language including accents and dialects are still extremely complex and hard to transfer to a technological format. These subtleties hold the true character of the language and culture from which the language came from.

These are important features of a language that people often forget. They are the human aspects of the language. And one thing that will never be taken over by technology is the human side. In fact the human side of life will become even more accentuated than ever.

The future of our language whether it is English or other languages I believe is that as many languages as possible will still going to be present. The way we learn it may change a lot but I do believe we will still need to learn it.

Learning will never end, no matter what it is….including English.


3 thoughts on “Will we be the LAST GENERATION who needs to LEARN ENGLISH?

  1. I’m old enough to remember that everyone moving to our country simply wanted to learn English! Now the world is! My sons believes that’s because basic computer language is based upon English patterns! Yes, we can now learn basically all languages via the internet. I love it!

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