UNDERSTANDING the ‘VUCA’ of ESL learning


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There’s a new anagram going around the place it’s called VUCA. This represents the kind of world we will be living in. It will be full of VUCA (Velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). There has been a new direction now however, people are now thinking that it will be now (velocity, unorthodoxy, co-creation, abundance).

All this is due to the development of highly sophisticated technology. Before we know it we are just going to have to get used to VUCA, but the reality of this in learning English is another thing again.

If we can digest the ESL VUCA it will mean this:

VELOCITY:          The speed in which we learn English will be faster because of convenience and affordability.

UNORTHODOXY:             If you thought Uber and Airbnb was strange at the time, imagine what might happen to learning programmes. We need to get used to unorthodoxy, as it will be the norm in thinking and completely acceptable

CO-CREATION:                Such a great idea to work together with someone so you both mutually succeed. This is nothing new, but the difference is that there will be much more of it than ever before, so if you don’t like working with people, you will be highly disadvantaged.

ABUNDANCE:    This is a word that is often used in the positive in terms of good things, and negative terms when talking about the bad things. Too much of something ultimately never used to be a good thing no matter how good it was, the worst thing you could have happen is that you didn’t value it anymore. Abundance now is considered the opposite of scarcity which was always the most desired possession. If you had something rare it was expensive. This actually won’t change – rare things will still be valuable, but the difference is that there will be an abundance of scarcity. If you can get your head around that it simply means that everyone will have something they want unique for them….meaning there will be a wide range of learning programmes to suit your every need.

An interesting set of ideas.

Looking at all these things in terms VUCA and learning in the future makes us realize that the concept of being a student and being a teacher are going to change to some degree. Ultimately if you are either a teacher or a student, if you are a quick thinking, unusual, collaborative team player, you will find yourself with more than enough chances to teach and learn.

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