How is SOCIAL MEDIA impacting ESL?

The FUTURE of Learning


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If you don’t have a Facebook page today – anywhere in the world, you are missing the boat. Yeah yeah, I hear some of you say ‘I hate Facebook’, and fair enough, if you don’t want to get engaged with the world, that’s up to you, but one of the most phenomenal things about Facebook is that it has continued to change and grow now in the world to the point where no other social media can seriously catch up.

Why is it still relevant? Two reasons:

  1. People just love to connect with people
  2. Facebook is now a key player on the internet for both personal and business people

So how has this all impacted the ESL world?

I know in some countries Facebook is definitely not so big, e.g. Russia and China, but is that because they have completely turned their back on social media?…

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