Go deep on WHO YOU ARE in English


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Learning a language requires a lot of content as well as context – not just learning the grammar, the reading techniques, pronunciation or writing skills, it needs true content, and that content has to be from the get go – all about you.

Most teachers will try to get the students talking about what they know about – in most cases its about the person themselves. Talking about your country, your family, your school, your friends and so on. These will be the contents that will help you move your English to the next level.

As well as this once you have talked about where you are from, what job you do, who’s in your family etc, you will need to move onto another level of you – your opinion on things.  If you are looking to sit the IELTS exam, your opinion will be very meaningful, so if you have no opinion on anything, you had better start forming one.

After that you will get your Band 60 IELTS, and still you will need to go deep on yourself further, because you will need to talk about not only your opinion on things, but your feelings about very important issues in your life. This is when you are close to considering yourself as being fluent. The reason why this is an important benchmark is because the English you know and are confident with is so extensive that you can even think, dream and analyse things on a deep level in English, and not only that but in your own distinctive way that makes you you.

So don’t forget, your journey is very long but also very deep when you start to learn English, and you have to allow yourself to come through it – this is the content and context you will use to develop yourself.


2 thoughts on “Go deep on WHO YOU ARE in English

  1. I’ve found that learning Chinese was more fun when I was learning the words I needed to talk about my own hobbies instead of the generic book phrases. Of course, it was also probably fun because I was practicing those conversations with Chinese friends.

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