Get right to the POINT in ENGLISH


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It’s easy when you have a few great English phrases up your sleeve to confidently plant them into a conversation here and there, but the problem is that the deeper you go in your English studies the less you find yourself wanting to use them, why? Because they are not very specific, they are too general.

This brings us to the whole point of why we are learning English – for 99% of the world, it’s about communication, and if we can’t communicate what we mean, then we are not only lost, but the listener will give up.

Getting right to the point in English is just as important and getting right to the point in any language, the only difference is that you need to understand the ‘correct’ way to do it in English just like you know in your own language, and this is where new learners back off.

Yes, there are certain ways of saying things in English that are polite and certain things that are not polite, and the way you say something directly can sometimes be considered impolite.  These nuances can be learned however, particularly in the higher levels of English learning.

The person who wants to get straight to the point is the person who not only cares that what they are saying or asking is done in a polite way, but that they are making themselves clear.

Though this is something that won’t be able to be learned overnight, it does need to be something that should be at the bottom of any English learners goal – to get right to the point – without offending anyone!


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