Just keep SHOWING UP


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Why does your teacher take the attendance every day? Yes it is something to do with your visa or your ability to get a good teachers assessment. But ultimately many teachers will say that it is more to do with making sure that the person has got their best chance at passing the course, that the students hasn’t missed out on too much and will have learned enough to pass the course.

But what the teacher doesn’t think about is the fact that deep down the determination to do well is measured in many ways. The most obvious one is the enthusiasm to engage in the class and complete the exercises and homework assignments given by the teacher. True these are all important, but one thing people don’t really realise that simply ‘showing up’ to the class on time and with all the right materials and books etc, is one of the biggest indicators that you will be a successful person not just to your English class but ultimately anything you do in life. This is a very key indicator of success.

In any setting, including the classroom, the period you spend in that setting holds many different worlds, temperatures, environments and scenarios. Hopefully all or most will be ultimately positive and useful, however sometimes we are willing to accept that some of the situations might be a bit ‘off’ or ‘unexpected’ or even worse ‘so negative that you wouldn’t want to go back’. This is all very normal.

The most important thing to know when you are a student in a course is that if for the most part the situation has been acceptable or positive, you do need to ‘keep showing up’, because once you shift to that zone of understanding, you have shifted yourself to the world of ‘no matter what – I’m going to get the most out of this class’. This attitude alone is the very thing that will hold you in good stead no matter how bad the situation gets or how difficult the course may be, you will always try your best.

To keep showing up is for some an obvious point but for others, their expectations of the environment are far too high or unrealistic, or even worse have a feeling that ‘no-one tells me what to do – if I feel it’s worth it I’ll get there and on time’.

I always say to people who are having doubts about anything to simply – keep showing up – and see what happens in the long run….you may be surprised how things can change and improve.


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