What happens to the ESL losers?


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We talk a lot about the winners in ESL – they get into their university courses, they get that job they were after, they get to travel easily and meet lots of people they may have never had the chance to talk to before. But what about the losers? Where do they end up?

Well – let’s break down the concept of the loser and the degrees they lose. I’ll rank these people in terms of the highest English level reached.

BIGGEST LOSER:   the biggest loser will be the person who can read, speak, listen and write English to a point where they cannot quite get by in that language. That means they have clearly learned a lot but just not quite enough. The reason why they are the ‘biggest’ loser is because they obviously have the ability to learn and have made some progress, but for some reason they have withdrawn from the process and settled for a lesser achievement for whatever reason.

AVERAGE LOSER:   the average loser could be considered the person who struggles with learning generally but made an effort but realized, perhaps for good reason, that they were not going to be able to achieve any more. They need to feel satisfied with the level they did achieve and take time to stick with whatever they picked up to help them in some way in the future.

SMALLEST LOSER:   the person in fact could be considered the ‘non-starter’. This person perhaps was given the opportunity to learn English but ultimately just wasn’t interested, and so didn’t take advantage of the opportunity at all. These people are often very satisfied with some other course of life, and even in the future may be found to become a real winner. They need the right time and place and reason to do it that is right for them. It just isn’t now.

So as you can see in fact the biggest loser is the one who for some reason pulled out of the course of learning at the very last stage. That stage (as with anything in life) is of course the hardest part because sometimes you need just a little bit more and you will be completely adequate in your English skills. Sometimes these are people who’s expectations are just too high and so give up because they feel it’s impossible. These are the most common and sadly the biggest losers of all.

If you see yourself as one of these – take heart. The next point to know is – it’s never TOO late. Now it a good time to move yourself through that hump – to get yourself to that winning stance.


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