How we hide our BAD ENGLISH


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Yes, if you have learned English or any language for that matter, you will always feel a little unsure if you have got the phrase right or grammar correct. So for most people, instead of blurting out whatever there is inside your head in English, you’ll hide it. But how?

Here are a few methods (just to see if you can identify any of these conscious tricks we pay on ourselves!)

  1. Refuse to speak
  2. Mumble through a sentence
  3. Let others do the talking
  4. Speak quietly
  5. Change the subject
  6. Shout loudly so the sentence becomes difficult to hear
  7. Use the bad English as if this is the way it is supposed to be done
  8. Enjoy the bad English so as to annoy the person you’re talking to
  9. Say the bad English anyway and wait to be corrected
  10. Try to speak as correctly as possible and accept that there may be some errors but that you are all about communicating and not necessarily perfectly, but at least getting the message across.

Well ten points to anyone who found Number 10 the most important way to hide you bad English! In fact you aren’t hiding it at all, you are simply using the language for what it was meant for – to communicate, and this is the best approach of all.

If you are worried about your bad English, don’t be. Using it is how you get better. There may be the odd person who might correct you or ask you to repeat yourself, and this is all good for you.

So don’t ‘hide your bad English’ behind some emotional disguise, that’s how you never improve. Putting it out there and seeing who responds and how is the key to improving your communication.


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