Surviving your ENGLISH COURSE is still succeeding


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For those people who are past the whole ‘doing a course’ thing, the memories of having to sit in a classroom and listen and engage with a teacher in order to learn something seems a far far distant memory, but the way to look at it is – what was the outcome of being present? Some of you may laugh and say ‘no outcome’, but there are some things that are constant in life no matter what generation or what age, if you can survive the course, you can congratulate yourself that you did achieve something.

English courses are no different, in fact they are very much about being present on a daily basis. Though many will argue that English cannot be learned through ‘osmosis’, as in being present in body but not in mind (!), there is something to be said for hanging in there.

Learning English as a second language is something that is more than a technical exercise, it makes a lot of difference if you are in a class with a native level English teacher and even more important that you are constantly listening to the music of the language. Learning English is actually something that (though not to the best level), you can actually learn by being present and doing what you are instructed to do.

Learning English is not something that you can skip a few lectures and get the notes from a friend, it’s about learning how to communicate and so engagement is necessary.

Hanging in there and surviving your course is succeeding on one level for certain, but of course making the most of the course is something that can take your skills to another level.

So don’t give up if the going gets tough!


4 thoughts on “Surviving your ENGLISH COURSE is still succeeding

  1. It’s very true that English will always remain number one language and learning has got nothing to do with age,what matters most is listening and understanding to learn,I think to with me that’s what I can say.

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