Be an ESL explorer


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When we think of exploring we think of going somewhere we have never been before, the same thing goes for learning English. To be an explorer however requires a certain kind of character. They need to be strong, open minded, courageous and focused. So too does an English learner.

But to take the exploration idea a step further is very important if you want to make the most of your learning. What you do in the classroom is mandatory, but what you do as a true ESL explorer is to understand a life-long quest to search and conquer new territories of English.

The wonderful thing today about English is that it is not only confined to those 6 core ‘native English’ countries, (US, UK, SA, Canada, Australia and NZ), today there are many countries that can confidently describe themselves as bilingual or certainly multi-lingual in their daily happenings.

To be an ESL explorer nowadays allows you the chance to explore even in your own country, your own city or online (which means anywhere in the world). To explore new horizons, not only opens your mind to different cultures, societies, politics and ways of thinking, but also allows you to understand the more intricacies of the English language and that English is not a static thing, it is something that grows and moves across the globe.

Keeping on top of what you discover is a wonderful process that can not only enrich your English but also help you to become a more interesting person with incredible cross-cultural communication skills.

To become an ESL explorer is something all learners of English should strive to become. Without this mission, you will never reach your fullest potential both as an English speaker and as a communicator generally.


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