English courses should not just be UNIQUE but UNIQUELY VALUABLE


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2wPTZhN)

This is the future of all learning. Right now we want whatever course we do to be valuable to us, it should give us the tools to move forward in our lives, however the future is more complex. The future of learning says that the things we get from our courses should be not just unique and particular to where we need to go, but be what is escribed as also ‘uniquely valuable’.

That within itself seems an odd phrase, as it sounds like we need to tweak our courses to meet the unusual needs of some students, but though this sounds like the complete antithesis to good business practice, (to cater to the smallest group possible instead of the largest group possible), the future of all business is in fact turning on its head.

The idea of being uniquely valuable isn’t just saying that we are creating English course for specific purposes e.g. law, engineering etc, it is more to do with understanding the subtleties of language and going in a direction that magnifies that value and as a result allows those who do register for your courses to get this specific value as well as all the other values as well.

For example, though most people are not really admitting it these days, one of the major reasons that people all over the world want to learn English is not because of going to University, for their job or travelling – it is in fact for romance.

Right now the dating Apps available have now meant that people from any part of the world can in fact connect with others from other countries and other language and this is one of the biggest growing markets for English learning out there and as far as I know there are few schools that focus on learning English so as to become the master of love!

But romance is just one idea, there are other untapped valuable areas that will go hand in hand with work and university life, e.g.

  1. Understanding the nuances in a particular accent from a particular part of the world, e.g. if you are going to study in Australia, understanding the Australian English and social meanings
  2. Understanding the social discomfort in the English language of techies (if you are going to study IT, perhaps you need to understand that because the programmer is shy and reserved and doesn’t talk or only talks in half sentences, it’s not because your English isn’t good enough, there is a culture to this style of English.
  3. Understanding the language of love – as mentioned above
  4. Understanding the language of religion – how English is used to persuade and convert and how it can affect people in a positive or negative way.
  5. Understanding how to speak in short sentences because you are going to become an engineer working on a noisy construction site, so you can’t give long explanations for things, they need to be short and easy to hear.

… and so it goes on.

The subtleties of communication will slowly become totally combined with the language itself, and those courses that explore these uniquely valuable assets will outperform all other courses.


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