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There are three types of quality (according to Seth Godin www.sethgodin.com) however, though he was talking about it in terms of business quality, I’d like to bring it into the realm of learning English. Is there a parallel identifier in this world too?

Let looks at exactly what Seth says about quality generally:


Quality level 1:

When a product has perfect quality we can describe it as something that has perfect precision as in the nuts and bolts are just the right distance apart, the activity of the machine is very smooth and the outcome of the machine is very perfect every time.

Transposing to learning English:  This type of quality could be considered the technical side, the grammatical side, understanding the grammar to a flawless level – speaking and writing in perfect English.


Quality level 2:

This is when a product is in the realm of luxury, e.g. the Mercedes products of this world, they not only have precision and perfection but also an aura that leads the user into another territory of high level sophistication. The user feels they are really someone when they are experiencing this kind of quality.

Transposing to learning English: this could be when the English user is not only speaking perfectly, fluently in English but also has an accent that is very easy to listen to and represents a ‘higher level’ of sophistication, e.g. broader vocabulary, stronger understanding of the nuances of the music of the language.


Quality level 3:

This is when a product or business is taken to a level whereby they bring the human side into it – this is when the customer service is unique and amazing, when the problem solving and follow throughs by the staff in exceptional. This is when you notice the people before the amazing product. This is the ultimate quality level.

Transposing to English learning: This is where the communicator of the English is so confident yet at the same time extremely proficient and likable within the language – the person can fully be themselves, so much so that when someone listens to them, they don’t even notice the English, they only want to hear what you have to say and talk with you.


These are just my comparisons, would love to know what you think too.


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