The purpose of ESL communication is HUMAN DELIGHT


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If you have ever wondered why it is that we humans want to even speak or write or listen or read, the ultimate goal is that in one way or another we want to be delighted.

The shy person in the class who know the grammar well but never speaks, or the extroverted student who answers all the questions, but never writes anything down are both suffering from the same thing – they want to connect in every way but short change themselves due to their personality traits.

Well the good news is out – our brains are very malleable and we can change. It takes determination and drive, but if you want to become close to being an all-rounder, you can push yourself and get there and the way you do this is by understanding that all forms of communication, whether it is speaking, writing or reading and listening, is about allowing yourself to be delighted.

Once you understand that delight is your goal, why wouldn’t you pursue improved skills from that perception? So many people think they are learning English to go to university, or understand their business better, or travel…yes these are all good points, but really if you allow yourself to take that step further you will realise that it is more about becoming an expert in your field and changing lives, being able to improve your business to the point where everyone wins, or being able to discover and wonder at new cultures and countries and in turn learn more about yourself.

The ultimate goal of any kind of communication which ever direction it goes or using whichever discipline it is realizing that at the end of the day all any of us ever want in life is to be delighted!


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