PSYCHIC satisfaction is what all STUDENTS SEEK


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Yes I know you are asking – what is ‘psychic satisfaction’, well it means the very pleasure and satisfaction that someone gets from doing something. If you are a teacher you should be getting ‘psychic satisfaction’ from your job, if you are a student, you should be getting some kind of ‘psychic satisfaction’ from the learning of the language.

Let’s go deeper.

Psychic satisfaction is nothing new. In the world of HR psychic satisfaction is that ‘other area’ of satisfaction that comes from doing a job rather than that satisfying moment on payday when you get the money for it.  In fact, it is more common for someone to be less satisfied on payday than it is to be psychically satisfied by the inherent role they play in helping people in the world of their business. This is not because they are not happy with their salary, it’s because money is only money, psychic satisfaction is bigger than anything money can buy and far more enjoyable. It makes you feel alive and useful, and is usually the very thing people seek first before anything else in what they do.

So, in the world of the student learning a language, they don’t go home every day and say ‘I think I got my money’s worth today’, they simply say, I think I learned something today, or I enjoyed the class today, or I really got something out of the class today. The only time when they start bringing money into the equation is when they are so deeply unsatisfied psychically that they feel they deserve their money back.

Psychic satisfaction is everywhere in everything we do. Money is like the antithesis to it, and yet a necessary evil. When we engage in any situation where money is somehow exchanged along the way, psychic satisfaction is a huge part of the equation. In the classroom is no different. Your marketing team will be selling ‘psychic satisfaction’ every step of the way e.g. you’ll just love this teacher, you’ll be able to do so much with this course, you’ll wow all your friends with your fluency if you come to this school. All these statements are promising incredible psychic satisfaction.

As a teacher you need to understand this purely and simply. The student is not there to spend money, they are expecting a huge amount of psychic satisfaction out of it. Make sure they get it.

One thought on “PSYCHIC satisfaction is what all STUDENTS SEEK

  1. A very interesting piece of writing,I observe myself after taking my class,I trully feel happy when I get ‘psychic satisfaction’.Our students really deserve it.

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