When you hit an ESL wall – change the WALL

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2c0cLJ0)

All forms of learning anything new don’t come easy. There are easy periods where everything seemed straight forward, then there are tough times where you wonder if you ever learned anything at all and will ever again. All this is normal. When you are learning English, each one of these difficult times are considered ESL walls.

At our school a lot of people reach it at the end of their Elementary course, the end of the Pre Intermediate course and then preparing for IELTS. They hit these walls because there is a build up of grammar complexity that shifts at the end of each level, and it requires the learner themselves to change gear and re-orientate what they know to acquire the new information.

So how does a person ‘re-orientate’ themselves when they hit the wall. The answer – change the wall!

Sounds crazy nonsense right?

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