Famous people who HAD TO learn English


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Though many ESL students are not that familiar with the western celebrity scene, I’d like to put forward some of our well known American celebrities today just as a motivator that even the rich and famous needed to learn English to get ahead.

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1. Jackie Chan (originally from China)

Possibly the best thing about laughter is that it reads the same in every language! Known for making everyone laugh in too many comedy films to count, Jackie Chan was actually a movie star in China long before he made his way to America. Born and raised in China, it makes sense that Chinese is his first language. Mr. Chan is another celebrity who spent time learning English, which he is fluent in today.

2. Shakira (originally from Columbia)

Born and raised in Colombia, Shakira’s first language is Spanish. While she later learned English, she did not stop there! In fact, Shakira is also fluent in Portuguese and Arabic. Not many people can say that they are fluent in four languages, but Shakira is one of the admirable few. We all know that her hips don’t lie, and neither do her multi-lingual singing and speaking skills.

3. Sofia Vergara (originally from Columbia)

Also born and raised in Colombia, Sofia Vergara attended a private school where she spent most of her days learning English. With Spanish as her first language, she still has a very strong Spanish accent, which she is known for on the hit comedy show, Modern Family.

4. Mila Kunis (originally from Ukraine)

One of the biggest celebrities in the world today, Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine. With Russian as her first and most fluent language, she began learning English when her family moved to the United States. Today she speaks both English and Russian fluently.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger (originally from Austria)

With his original accent still present and an impressive resume of equal parts Hollywood and government, Arnold Schwarzenegger hardly spoke English when he moved to the United States at age 21. Born and raised in Austria, he still has a considerably prominent accent. Upon moving to America, Schwarzenegger spent most of his time learning English while competing as a successful bodybuilder.

Celebrities come from all over the world and spend time learning English. Let their success inspire you to continue with your studies, and soon you will be as fluent as the stars in your favorite movies!

  1. Heidi Klum (originally from Germany)

Mainly known for her current role in the famous Project Runway, Heidi Klum started her life in Germany. It wasn’t until she moved to the USA that she realised she had to become fluent in English. She now spends part of her time in the US and part in Europe. Heidi Klum still holds a strong accent and enjoys using some of her German language in her own English speech. Known on Project runway for farewelling her contestants when they are ‘out’ – she always says ‘Auf Wiedersehen‘, meaning goodbye in German.




7 thoughts on “Famous people who HAD TO learn English

  1. Reblogged this on Laia's TEFL corner and commented:
    I always tell my ESL students how useful learning English is going to be for their future. Here there are some clear examples of how learning English helped some celebrities.
    Thank you for this interesting post Aiyshah 🙂

  2. Shakira is also one of the few famous youngsters on the rock scene that writes her own songs. Wait, how long has she been singing?

    I would add Joseph Conrad to the list, who wrote some of the most impressive English language novels despite English being his (3rd or 5th) language.

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