5 key LIFE challenges when learning ESL

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2g0TTMf)

When people think of the challenges involved in learning English, we tend to focus on the content of the course. Today I’m looking more at the social challenges of learning English. Check these out:

The challengers are:

  1. Your friends

The people you grew up with and loved the company of, are now going to be one step further away from you. Unless they learned English themselves and are interested in speaking it with you regularly, you may find yourself seeking out other people to talk to. This can affect friendships badly as sometimes they may thing ‘oh he/she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, he/she only wants to talk English…he really thinks he’s someone now he has the language.

  1. Your family

This is a tough call as the family often are the ones who have supported you both emotionally and financially through your life and…

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