Don’t speak big ENGLISH to small PEOPLE


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When someone has reached a certain level of English and enjoy speaking the language freely whenever possible, one of the biggest problems they have is that they find it hard to find someone of the same level to expand their English with so often end up talking to others who’s English is poor and/or people who’s motivation isn’t very strong. These people can often do more damage to your skills as a speaker of English than anything else. If you are a big English speaker, find another big English speaker and go from there.

There are a few reasons why speaking big English to small English speakers isn’t good:

  1. The person may not respond in good English
  2. The person may have no interest in practicing their English
  3. The person may want to bring you down to their level by diminishing anything you say in their own language
  4. The person may openly make fun of you and even worse put you down publicly for speaking in English by trying to make you appear like you are someone who ‘wants to be someone special by speaking English’ but really isn’t anything at all.

These kinds of responses are only from ‘small English speakers and seriously don’t deserve your time. The best thing to do is to search wherever you can to find someone who is your equal or even better someone who will raise your English up even further by challenging you to even greater levels of idiom usage, vocabulary extension and complex grammatical understanding. These are the people every ESL learner should be seeking out. They can be native speakers or non-native speakers, but whichever they are they need to be someone who can expand you, push you and most importantly support your quest to be better.

Speaking big English to small people is never the way to get anywhere – they will only keep you down. Big dreams need to be surrounded by big opportunities, so go for it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t speak big ENGLISH to small PEOPLE

  1. Exactly, but I speak in my class, they hardly response, but I feel they feel happy that they comprehend me, I also try to use the easiest possible words, and I too am glad to have spoken to my class at least!

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