Where will your English be in 10 YEARS TIME?

ten years

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Many of you are thinking right now, how wonderful it is going to be when your English is so proficient you could almost be taken for a native speaker, where you are able to talk fluently and freely in virtually any situation and you also become the go-to person who can confidently cross over from your own language to English in a flash. This is a typical dream. But the question to ask yourself in reality is – where would you like your English to be in 10 years time?

There’s so much to learn when it comes to the basics of English learning but most of you know that by the time you have sat your IELTS exam and got your Band 6.0, that this is really only the beginning of your journey. The direction your English takes from there will be a big determiner of many things:

You may end up in many places:

  1. Speaking fluent English in your work place
  2. Using English in all your business correspondence
  3. Initiating international networking connections in English
  4. Providing indepth feedback on your subject area in English
  5. Navigating and travelling the globe using fluent English to get through almost any cultural situation
  6. Meeting, falling in love and marrying someone who speaks only English

All these require a focus. The first year you learn English will be only to get you to base one. Your second benchmark might be to complete your degree in English, or travel those first few countries in English or even do those first few business deals confidently in English. But what then? Where are you going to go with your English after that? What will you do with the other 5 years?

For some the biggest problem in going back to their country to settle down and working predominantly in their own language. This has it’s good side – you feel comfortable and perhaps marry and raise your family within the culture you feel most familiar with. But for others it could be the end of all that hard work. Your English could slip back to almost virtually where you began 10 years before.

The key is to make sure not a single aspect of your life goes backwards. Once you have that in place your English, along with almost everything else will progress.

Fortunately today we live in a world of immersion through the internet. To lose your English in 10 years time is actually nowadays very difficult. All you need to do is continue to want to learn and research and the world will come to you – in English.

So allow yourself to indulge in your dream – where you want your English to be in 10 years time – and once the dream in alive – the forces that be will be unconsciously put into motion and you may be well and truly surprised at where things end up.

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