Everyone seeks REASSURANCE in their English – but if they’re LUCKY it’s NOT going to HAPPEN


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2Bh8hr7)

On this occasion I’m not going to say that teachers and other English speakers shouldn’t offer support and encouragement for those people learning English, but what I am saying is that there is a certain point where you the learner has to take charge and start reassuring yourself.

This is not necessarily an English learning problem as such, it is more of a personal issue. I think we can all remember someone we have met somewhere along the line who has always needed far more reassurance than what we considered necessary and ultimately we have decided to withdraw our understanding and supportive nature and ended up avoiding the topic or the person.

Then of course there are others who enjoy giving constant support to those around them, not because they are so amazingly giving but because they are only interested in nurturing friendships with people who are forever under their guiding hand…..so to speak. In other words they are more commonly known as ‘control freaks’, and that’s not going to improve anyone’s English in the long run.

Asking for reassurance is often a natural response to taking on new and challenging ventures, but if you are someone who is finding themselves constantly doing so, you better sit back and decide if you are really ready for this. No one in the long run will be more reassuring about your English than yourself. If you give yourself reassurance on a regular basis and this reassurance is based on clearly seen outcomes you are more likely to move forward in your English and well, any new venture you take on.


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