Find your VEHICLE for learning English BEST


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There are so many courses out there and often they are delivered in a variety of styles. Knowing the way in which you respond best to information is a very important determiner for retaining information and/or improving your English.

Some people are very visual:      These people respond well to pictures, scenes, views and anything that is clearly portrayed through vision. If you are a person who is very visual, you may prefer to learn through videos and pictures.

Some people are very aural:       These people respond to sound. They love listening and can often recite whole passages of spoken words or songs easily. This kind of vehicle is very necessarily in the learning of English, and if you are someone who responds well to this, you may learn best through music and listening exercises.

Some people are very tactile:     These people respond to touching things. This is important when it comes to seeing something first then feeling it later. The feeling response will be the learning that is kept in the memory for the longest.

Some people are very kinesthetic:           These people respond mostly to acting out physically actions. They may incorporate all the other methods, but ultimately the vehicle that gets the most benefit is the roleplaying or dramatic scenes that they can physically act out to others. Often kinesthetic learning is very similar to tactile learning, but in the case of ESL learning it is more related to the ‘acting out’ side of English acquisition.

Some people are very experience or immersion based learners: These people a the most adventurous of all as they like to be right out there in the world of the English speakers and are willing to take all risks to learn as they go, on the job and relate all language to experience. This is a very important part of any learning of a language of course, but some are more inclined to put themselves in these positions than others.

Most people are a mixture of all of the above, but usually there are some vehicles that hold more of the persons attention than others.

These above are some kinds of vehicles for learning. But also there are the other vehicles which are related to the way in which a course is delivered:

  1. Face to face learning
  2. Learning with a native speaker or non-native speaker
  3. Online courses
  4. Conversation only courses
  5. English for specific purposes e.g. job related fields
  6. Business English courses

And so on….

All of these vehicles are related to the method in which you decide to get your course. My advice on the above courses are that if you are already strong in English but need a little more – the choice is completely open, however if you are starting from zero, it may be best to get a face to face course with someone for the first few months just so that you have the basics.


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