Should we learn the English ONLY for our SPECIALIST SUBJECT?

The FUTURE of Learning


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I get this again and again – ‘English courses for Specific Purposes’. It just makes me want to cringe – honestly. The whole idea of learning only key words for specific subject areas is just insanity. It’s like going to the Gym and saying I only want to develop my right arm bicep because I’m right handed!

In fact, comparing the whole thing to a gym experience is something I’ve not only done before but do feel that it does give a clearer picture of how everything works.

So, let’s just say – for this posts sake – you have decided to develop only your right arm bicep. You spend months going 5 days a week, working out with those weights, building it up the muscle (because it will grow if you focus on it), then one day just as you are leaving the gym you…

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