When GOOD ENOUGH English, ISN’T good enough

The FUTURE of Learning


(photo credit: http://bit.ly/2it1SPo)

One of the reasons why IELTS and TOEFL make their ‘pass level’ so high is because being ‘good enough at English’ is not going to get you very far.

Some may argue the point of ‘well it depends on why you want to learn English’ , but well I come from the school of thought of ‘if you are going to take the time to doing something why not try to do it the best you can’ – in other words ‘good enough is never going to be good enough!’

When it comes to learning a language, not being able to distinguish between some simple terms can make some catastrophic results. For example:

  1. Can/can’t: ‘I can swim’ vs ‘I can’t swim’. If your dive instructor on your lovely holiday asks you if you can swim or can’t swim, knowing the difference can be life threatening –…

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