The future of English is not about looking for WORDS, it’s looking for a MISSION


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Everything needs a reason and learning English is no different. If someone would like to take on a new language just for the fun of it, it takes a lot of discipline and passion to get yourself motivated to study and use it on a daily basis, however if you are doing it for another purpose then the urgency increases and so will the level of language acquisition go with it too.

For many people in the English speaking world, the urgency to do anything is very low simply because everything is always easier or more straight forward to achieve. Saying that I’m not saying that life is easy in the English speaking world, it’s just a lot clearer in what you have to do to get anywhere. In the non-English speaking world, there is a constant urgency because there is always a benchmark to compare your progress to, and that is often the developed world. This in itself is a great way to move yourself forward in anything, and in particular English.

However, the future of learning anything including English is really about finding your own mission within it. Some people are born to change the world, others have change thrust upon them due to no reason of their own. This can be a good thing if you embrace it and allow yourself to enrich your life because of it. Learning English can be that vehicle to get there.

Viewing the fluency of your English as a way to get to what you want is often clear for many people, but understanding it as an integral part of your mission in life to make the world a better place is that thing that leaps the learner to another level.

To make a difference in this life we have involves taking a risk for what you believe to be an important issue. It’s up to you to make the choice as to which difference you want to make. Integrating English into your mission is a key factor if you are not a native English speaker.

Embrace it, digest it and continue, as with any mission.


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