How to develop an English following ONLINE and through SOCIAL MEDIA


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For most ESL learners today, this is a no-brainer. Whatever your social media interest, you must get out there with it in English as well as your own language. If you are someone who is very courageous, you may find yourself going all out to only speak in English online. This is an important leap forward and more ESL students should do this.

Here are some different means of creating your online presence:

  1. Decide to write all emails in English
  2. Create your own English website page/blog where all things are written in English
  3. Read all material that you are interested in in the English version not your own language
  4. Learn to use a variety of browser headings to find out what is out there online in English that you are interested in
  5. Communicate through social media in English
  6. Nurture online English speaking friends
  7. Become members of online groups and chats that allow you to discuss English related issues in English.
  8. Begin a skyping regime with people so you can speak openly in English

The greatest thing about having an online English presence is that unlike the usual expectation from teachers on students of finding those English speaking friends locally, you can do it all without leaving your living room sofa! There really isn’t any excuse to not be using your English outside of the classroom.

If you haven’t done it already, give yourself a task of every day speaking online to someone in English and before you know it there will be plenty of people from all over the world benefitting from you and you from them in terms of your English and well…..anything else you want to talk about too!


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