Build your INSTINCT to speak ENGLISH

The FUTURE of Learning


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Instinct is one of those ‘funny’ phenomena where it is ‘just there’ from birth. We see it with the birth of a new baby, how it ‘just knows’ things and tries to act it out. Also in the animal kingdom, how a baby animal is born and within an hour automatically tries to stand up and within an hour or two is standing and suckling from the mother. How did the calf know this? The mother didn’t teach it. It is simply the instinct to stand and survive. We all have it. There is also an instinct in us humans to speak or make a noise.

As soon as we are born we have an urge to open our mouth an say something, unfortunately as babies we don’t have any language to use to make it come out in a comprehendible way, so we just….scream or…

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