Say the FIRST few words – that’s the first step


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Like any kind of blockage, If you can clear the first few parts of the opening the rest will be an avalanche of clearage. This tells us that the first part of any problem is always the hardest to overcome.

Comparing this to the speaking of English in any situation says the same thing – if you can say the first few words in the sentence you may be amazed at what may naturally follow afterwards. This is all because of something called ‘chunking’.

Chunking is a learning method used in learning English which tells the learner to learn not just single words one at a time but is groups. E.g How are you?, Where are you from?, What’s your name? etc

When we learn groups of words and phrases, we learn not just the vocabulary but also that words cannot stand alone, they need to be linked together to form a meaning.

Further into your English learning you will learn many other variations such as phrasal verbs like:

  • Walk through
  • Jump over
  • Talk about
  • Look forward…
  • Etc

These two words are linked due to their more specific meaning, e.g. ‘walk through’ – tells us that the action is to walk, but the situation will involve a walk through something e.g. the mall, the tunnel, the crowd of people etc.

Sooner or later these chunks start forming longer sentences. Such as

  • I will …..walk through….the mall….this afternoon.

This is an example of 4 sets of linked words that when they are put together they tell us a whole sentence of a wish, an action and where and when.

Once the language learner becomes confident with chunking, simply opening your mouth and starting with the first few words can unleash a string of sentences and thoughts that are cohesive, interesting and meaningful.

So give it a go – start with a few words and see what happens. That problem you have with confidence may disappear when you trust what you already know.


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