DISRUPTIVE living speeds up ENGLISH learning

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2hdOyxl)

Imagine a life with no disruptions. Would it be paradise? Is it a dream state we always wish for? Some may think so, but ultimately it isn’t realistic and also isn’t useful for you if you are learning a language.

Sit back and consider now your last 24 hours. Perhaps your day was straight forward, perhaps you had a clear focus on what you were going to do and achieved it. But what you need to do is to think of what really happened to you. Somehow somewhere you were disrupted. Perhaps it was something as simple as wanting to sit somewhere on the train but someone got to that seat before you, or you were going to cross the road at these lights, but decided to move onto the next part of the road so you could get across quicker. These are probably the kinds…

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