Every day is a MIXTURE – some GOOD English, some BAD English or even NO English

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2i743eQ)

No two days are alike – that’s the wonder of life. Sometimes we really want something but nothing happens, and at other times we really don’t care about anything and all kinds of things happen. That’s life.

But looking at your English learning, this is a good way to see it too, particularly when you start out.

In the beginning, you will find your days may be about 15% Basic English and the rest is your own language. But over time you will notice a shift. There will be days when you see yourself asking very easily for a sandwich at Subway, and even when the person asks you a question you can answer it. It’s a real boost to your self-esteem when that happens, then the next day all you do is stay at home and talk with your family or friends from your own…

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