English doesn’t CHANGE YOU it just EXPOSES you in another language


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2GpbK9U)

Thinking deeply about those people who are planning to learn English or are in the process of learning English – I ‘d say that though they are clearly learning for a specific reason, somehow some of them do think that this will change them. I think ultimately, they have to understand that English will not change you it will allow expose who you really are – just in a different language – and so it should.

We are who we are and even if we try to do our best and do manage to make some changes in our lives to become a better version of ourselves – in the end we are going to be who we truly are and the language we choose to use will only show the world this version – but in that language – to those people listening.

In all fairness I would like to add however that often when someone learns English with real proficiency, it does bring some responsibility. Often, they may be the only person in their family or their village who has made this leap. That within itself will transform the person. Now this person may be the go to person for all things English, from those close to them, so it will ask that the English speaker is accurate, reliable and helpful with it.

But these attributes are not language based, they are intrinsically from the person. If the person deep down can handle that kind of responsibility they will rise to the cause. If they are deep down, cowardly and untrustworthy – this will appear in their English as well.

Sadly we cannot change ultimately our negative traits through simply learning a language. We do need to do some deep personal soul searching before we can make any improvements. But when we do it will appear loud and clear in our English as well as in our own language.

Saving your English for the good words only will have a limited expiry date – sooner or later your English will show the world who you are – warts and all!

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