ESL proficiency can VARY even within one CONVERSATION

The FUTURE of Learning


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I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone who didn’t speak English well….or did they? Well, I had to work that out after she’d left. Why? During one conversation I found she had ‘waves’ of perfect English then ‘waves’ of seemingly gobbledegook!

So let’s go deeper on this.

Firstly, she was someone applying for a job, so she had to (and knew it herself), present herself in a very professional way. Perhaps she had picked up a few phrases here and there and had practiced them to be impressive with that ‘first impression’ she needed to make. Well she certainly succeeded on that one. But very soon after I could see her confidence drop, and as a result she slipped right back into her broken English. This made me think about the acquisition of English and how it emerges in someone.

But the…

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