Don’t TROLL your classmates English ABILITY


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I love that word ‘trolling’, it’s a new word in the English language and has emerged from the developments in technology. But at the same time – it’s an ancient practice that is both annoying and self defeating. So what does it mean to ‘troll’ your classmates ability.

Trolling is something on the internet or social media, where a person goes to all the different pages and looks deeply into what’s being discussed and tries to find the negative side and mess things up for them. They will post comments that are deliberately offensive simply to cause a reaction.

Trolling comes from the noun ‘Troll’. A troll is a mythical creature from northern Europe that is ugly, negative and cave dwelling. Often considered to be a freak of nature, deformed and stunted in growth or monstrous looking, they only get pleasure from making peoples lives difficult and ultimately if they can’t win a fight they will eat the opponent alive.  Doesn’t sound like a nice person at all!

Unfortunately due to the internets ability to remain anonymous, there are a lot of trolls out there hidden in their ‘cyberspace-caves’ waiting for unsuspecting victims.

Transferring that to the classroom. There are sometimes ‘trolls’ in the classroom too. These tend to be people who’s only satisfaction is to find the negative in things. To abuse, ridicule and insult those that are making mistakes and make efforts to stir up problems, often ultimately for the teacher and the class as a whole.

This might seem funny to the person doing it, but they do tend to be standing alone in their negativity. This needs to be stopped by the teacher and also the other classmates if possible. But at the end of the day if you think you are someone who is or has been a troll….time to take a look at yourself and rethink. What you are doing is not funny and not helpful to anyone.

This request to ‘stop trolling’ also goes to not only in the classroom but also online as well – chances are you are doing it there, in your home or at your work place as well….time to end the madness and get a real life that has your integrity at the heart of it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t TROLL your classmates English ABILITY

  1. I am grateful for the job you are doing for us. You describe things with utmost simplicity and leave the reader with a pleasant mood. I always look forward to your next post.

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