Your English Level is the sum total of your INTENTIONS and CHOICES


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I met someone recently who I hadn’t seen for 40 years. It was completely amazing to see him and we just talked for ages about our lives. The most interesting thing that came out of this was how our lives had taken such different paths. We both asked ourselves – how could we have ever thought we would have ended up doing what we were doing? Did we really know at a young age what our path was going to be? But ultimately this path grew from us nurturing our bigger intentions in life, and making one decision or choice at a time to meet that.

This is the same for English. When you begin your serious learning of English you will no doubt have a reason for why you are learning it. For your job, for your education, for travel…whatever it is, something has made you decide to take the step forward and learn English.

But your journey doesn’t end there. Your path in learning and building your English is a very slow and gradual thing – just as we make decisions and choices in our lives and build a path on all fronts, so too do we do that when we are growing our English.

We will never really know where our life will take us – even though we have hopes and dreams, life happens and sometimes we are forced to change direction or put things on hold or jump on opportunities and run with them.  If your English is in your pocket it will also twist and turn and change directions based on your decisions.

But narrowing down the point to the English area only – even in your process of learning English – the choices you make will determine the speed and accuracy and long term success of this.

When we are given an opportunity when we are young we often have no idea what kind of impact that will have. We often rely on our parents to guide us, but often they are not living in the same world as you are. This is when you have to take charge of the process and development of your own English path.

Learning English is no different to any other kind of development – there are choices and decisions to be made along the way – but at the end of the day it is the intention of you the user that will make the difference. If your intention is to use your English to propel you forward into the world of business or to make the world a better place or whatever it is – these intentions will drive your decision making and in turn so will your English be forced to moved to the next level of proficiency.

So ask yourself – what is my big intention in learning English and what decisions have I made so far to honour that and what decisions or choices am I looking forward to making in the future?

Let’s face it, we are all the sum total of our choices.

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