Be the ONE and ONLY in English


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…and here he/she is ‘the one and only …..  [insert your name in CAPITALS and say it slowly with celebration]!’  Yes I can hear the crowd roaring from here.

This happens in the same zone as ‘be yourself in English’.

I raise this issue because sometimes I do find that before an adult student starts to learn English they often worry that they may be learning something that is not suitable to their character, and often it is one of the reasons why they choose not to have a native English speaker teacher but someone from their own culture. This is only at the early stages, may I say, as later as the confidence grows there is no issue as you have enough vocabulary and phrasings to reflect who you are.

That is one of the reasons why the very first month or two of learning English is all about introducing yourself and talking about yourself. This brings the whole language right down to the most basic reality of communication. Once you decide to communicate beyond the simple question and answer level, you are trying to have conversations that are friendly, natural and fluent. This naturalness comes down to you compiling over the months a huge bank of words, sentences and topics that are a reflection of what you like and love to talk about. Everyone does it, it’s normal.

Whether you like it or not, English won’t change your character, won’t change your likes and dislikes, but it will enrich who you are because now that you can speak English, there are one billion more people out there who can meet and enjoy your company.

So be the one and only in English! This is the new next dimension of you – that’s all!

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