Review your own HISTORICAL SUCCESS patterns to understand how you will learn ENGLISH BEST


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I have to say that if there is anything that I have learned over time it is that I have created some recurring patterns. These are distinct patterns that have emerged in my personal life, in my professional life, in my social life, etc that are distinctively me. These patterns don’t usually go away, and even if you wanted to get rid of them, you would only eventually twist them into something else perhaps more valuable to you.

These recurring patterns come in all shapes and forms. Some are good, some are bad, and some people only know you by these patterns, but you are often so blind to them that you can’t understand why they would say that.

Each of these recurring patterns leaves a specific footprint in your world, and could be described as your historical record. Something you will probably never be able to erase but something that needs to be reflected upon – all for good reason.

These patterns I believe truly tell you something about your future, and in this case the future you have in your learning. Today I will focus only on your ‘learning patterns’.

Learning can come in a variety of ways and some are more inclined to create patterns in one area more than another.

The first step is to understand how you learn best. Check these out and decide where you think you fall more:

  1. Visual learning – learning through what you see
  2. Analytical learning – learning through what you read
  3. Tactile learning – kinesthetic learning – learning through what you do
  4. Aural learning – learning through what you hear

I know some of you are thinking – well I learn in most of them…but there will be some patterns of learning that you may have found are easier in one area more than another – this is where you have to make a decision.

Secondly comes the analyzing of the pattern that was formed in that area – what pattern of learning gave you the most satisfaction?  What pattern do you find yourself doing every time you have to learn something. E.g. some people have to write everything down and read it later, some have to experience and do the activity first before they can feel they can understand it, some find themselves hanging on every word and just remembering what was said…and so on.

The pattern you formed for you will be very specific to your character. E.g. extroverted people tend to be more likely to want to get out and do the actions, while introverted people maybe more likely to be listeners…

Whichever pattern you have formed, you will find yourself repeating it simply because you found it works for you. Often people find ‘cramming’ for an exam suits them, others find long weekly revision periods more reliable for them, and so on.

Whatever style you approach your learning – you can be sure that if it works, you will be repeating that for the rest of your life. This is where you need to think about your English learning also. If you can bring that pattern into the ESL learning process, you can guaranteed that if this worked for you before when you were trying to learn…x-y-z, it will work for you here.

So while you are starting out into your English learning – consider this one thing – what historical pattern of success have you already created and how can you make it work for you again with your new subject area – English.  For sure it will work for you again.

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