AMPLIFY your English


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Most people think that amplifying simply means to make louder but it has another and more important reason too. Amplifying something means to enlarge upon by making more details to it.

Simply put that is what we do when we learn English. We slowly but surely amplify it over the months. In the beginning we learn – ‘Hello my name is’, then later we learn a deeper and bigger range of variations to this e.g. Hi, my first name is…and my family name is – my family name is Nigerian but my mother is from France.’   Not only are we finding out what the name of the person is here, we are also finding out a little about the history of the persons name and a little more about them in terms of their culture and why they may look like they do or speak the way they do.

Amplifying your English is actually a life long process, as with any kind of communication learning. We rarely stay in one place for a lifetime – usually we at least change jobs, change our living locations, meet new friends, socialize online with different people and if we are great readers or love learning, we will be constantly in a state of amplifying what we know and in turn our English will be reaching out for more vocabulary, turns of phrase, idioms and slang.

Deciding to allow yourself to amplify your English is the key to life long learning. Whether we like it or not we will be digesting information around us. No human being can sit in a vacuum without some interference. That’s what we do as human beings – we seek to be active in one way or another.

So if you are learning English now – understand one simple mantra from your heart – amplifying your English is the only way to allow your English to keep growing.

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