Artists don’t HOLD BACK – be an Artist with your English


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We are all artists – and our work is ourselves!

There – I’m a poet and don’t know it. But seriously, this really has to be true not only the older we get, but the more advanced as humans we get. Particularly in this post millennial era, the art of being ‘your own human’ is the key to long term success in….well anything.

Acquiring the language to express your piece of artwork is also something that will walk along side you. You are busy out there in the international world making your mark, driving an idea, pushing your own strengths and talents, and who is standing right there with you? Your English skills.

As you grow, so does your English – if you were to end up in jail for some reason, your English would shift to that world, if you were to be hob-knobbing with the rich and famous – your English would shift to that world, if you were to live in a world that is full of broken English – your English would definitely become broken like theirs. You will be a walking talking reflection of yourself through English.

So now you understand that your English skill is your paintbrush, and your canvas is you – just consider for a moment how many more people would get to know you and you to know them, how much more of the world you would be able to explore and it explore you, and generally how far you would be able to express yourself clearly in your way, to your people, and to the people who truly care about how original you are.

Just take a moment to consider things this way….

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