ESL Classroom Issue 2: the BAD teacher

The FUTURE of Learning


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This has to be one of the most common (unfortunately) problems a classroom faces. What do you do when your teacher really isn’t any good?

For many schools, they tend to think if you put a white face in front of the class the teachers will get more out of it. Not so of course, there are plenty of terrible white faced teachers, and some amazing non-native teachers. Then of course there are very bad non-native teachers too….unfortunately they are everywhere, and your schools reputation will pretty much be sold on the quality of the teachers they have, so it’s important that you speak up.

Common Teacher Problems:

  1. Can’t speak English well
  2. Don’t understand the technical side of English grammar
  3. Can’t prepare interesting lessons
  4. Don’t allow the students to participate enough
  5. Make the students afraid to get anything wrong
  6. Can’t manage class behaviour
  7. Are constantly late…

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