Do it WRONG until you do it RIGHT – Adjust your English


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Everyone makes mistakes. Period! Even the most successful, important, mind-blowing human beings out there have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes – sometimes because of who they are the mistakes are even bigger and more outrageous than what you could ever do. But this is how they move forward.

Everyone loves a comeback story and this is just the same. Doing something wrong – or making a mistake is the process to which you adjust in order to get it right.

I know it can be frustrating to be around someone who is constantly speaking poor English, huffing and puffing their way through their English sentence, but so long as there is some progress, that means there is some adjusting being done, and a positive outcome will appear before long.

To be able to constantly get something wrong for a long period of time with no change, really does take some kind of effort. Most people prefer to try to adjust and get things right simply because it is just too uncomfortable being constantly wrong on the same issue again and again. (But then again there are people whose energy is so strong that even to form English improperly becomes an art!)

These may be the geniuses for some, but ultimately even within these moments of artistic brilliance, there is still some adjusting to be done – even if to simply hone the error into something even more artistic than it was before.

I think all this is basically saying that to move forward we have to makes mistakes, adjust and keep a clear picture of the direction we want to go. The brilliant students will pick things up quickly and will be fluent before long, and the geniuses will be ringing in the dawn of a new dimension in English. All is okay and totally dependent on you.

Everyone one way or another, has to adjust.

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