English is the OBSESSION of the engaged


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2GYZoIz)

When entering the world of language, we are literally entering a ‘world of engagement’. The phenomenon of today with online everything, is without a doubt about active engagement. Whether you do it by looking, smelling, tasting, hearing or touching – all the senses are at play here. This is language. It can be tasted, heard, smelt, felt or seen. Language is simply our interpretation of it when we engage combined with our wish to share what we have experienced.

Language has never been more important in our world as it is today, and English is still ranking No. 1 in it’s field. Online engagement is growing exponentially and so is the importance of English and it’s use within it.

One of the most wonderful things about today is that we are no longer confined to our ‘local’ environment for satisfaction. We are connecting with everyone, everywhere and on any topic we feel like. The world really has, in a lot of ways, never been more free. This is often due also to the nature of English being the most paramount sharing medium.

The necessity to become obsessed with your English if you are a non-English speaker is an understatement. How on earth can you as an individual in the world today grow any bigger without it?

The other wonderful thing about English and its importance is that the world of the online engaged today nowadays don’t even bat an eyelid as to it’s importance. It is now so engrained into the psyche of the millennial that to not have at least an elementary understanding of English will literally put you out of the game in 5 years, and no one wants to be unfriended, or out of the sharing loop any more. This will mean a social catastrophe for the individual, destined for a life of rejection, loneliness and isolation – purely because you can’t communicate online.

So when someone today considers learning English – they understand that it is not about just getting your new job or getting entrance into your university degree course, or even migration, it is about totally involving yourself internationally in the world that is ahead of you.

The only way to engage with this is to develop your obsession with learning English. Not because you love the language, but because to feel alive you will need to engage, and when you engage, you have to make sure it’s globally.

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