Ask yourself – MAYBE I’m not doing this right?


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Learning anything requires a lot of self analysis. No you don’t have to psychoanalyse yourself every step of the way, but you do have to sometimes ask the most honest question of all – maybe I’m not doing this right?

In a nutshell, learning is about moving forward – confronting blocks – and finding ways to move through them. Generally ‘unblocking blocks’, asks the student to sit back and recognize what they don’t understand and what key point is needed to spend more time on to get through. Once that is happening, time and patience and often a great deal of logic helps them to move forward.

Sitting and waiting for inspiration to understand something is time wasting. The only thing a learner can truly do is make sure they ask the question – maybe I’m approaching this not the right way? Maybe I need to look at it in a different way. The critical point here is the word ‘maybe’.

To consider an alternative to something is an important turning point. Once a student allows themselves to take a second look in a whole new way, then there becomes an opening. An opening in the mind that allows all things that were previously considered rock solid, may just not be exactly as solid as the person thinks.

Be careful however to not go too far and completely abolish what work you have already done. Working on your basis is the key bust considering that maybe there is a different route to discover it.

So if you get to a brick wall in your learning…ask yourself – maybe I’m just not doing thing right?

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