Pick yourself – then SPEAK


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/2HjthA2)

This whole concept of ‘picking yourself’, is something that was coined by a famous thought leader Seth Godin. His argument was that when we enter the world as an adult, we too often dream of doing something but somehow sit back and think that we must be patient until someone ‘picks us’ to be the next person to reach their dreams.

Seth Godin states that we mustn’t sit back and wait for our turn, in fact right now is the time to ‘pick yourself’, and when you pick yourself, that then means you now have a chance to get started on what you want to do.

Picking yourself in English is just the same. When you are sitting in your English class, so often you have an idea, but are patiently waiting for the teacher to come to your so that you can speak and say what you think. That’s showing very good manners, I have to say, and in the classroom this is something I would recommend. However, outside of this time, you need to understand that no one is going to pick you like the teacher so you had better go right out there and pick yourself!

Pick yourself to:

  1. Read the first English novel
  2. Speak to a stranger on a train
  3. Engage in a longer conversation with someone who appears to be interested
  4. Write that important letter in English to your school about something.
  5. Listen to that great speaker in English and share it with your friends.
  6. Be that leader in your community who is proficient in English and helps others as a result.
  7. …do and be anything you want in English.

This mindset is very important, as picking yourself doesn’t mean you are always going to dominate everywhere and become annoying and egotistical. No, it simply means that you a no longer going to sit and wait until someone gives you a chance. You are going to take whatever comes along and make of it what you can, because as far as you are concerned, you are the one to do this!

So go ahead – when an English opportunity comes along – don’t sit around and wait for someone to pick you – pick yourself!

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