Choose to MATTER when you speak and write


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This is a topic that has been done before …by me, but I do want to target this topic again because I do see it as a phenomenon of the millennial mindset and as a result needs to be integrated into all learning we do.

There was a post I did recently called ‘in the future we will not be looking for a job but a mission’. The topic resonated with me because it stated how this new generation of workers, thinkers and creators were bench-marking themselves in the world. In my world it was all about material things – gathering money and becoming wealthy. This is still true to a certain extent now, but the difference is that to become wealthy and have a beautiful home and car is now the norm, not a product of your long term hard work and dreams.

So, what does this have to do with learning English? Well, there was a time that people only saw learning a language as a view to getting into university, getting a job, being able to travel. Now I think we need to add another motivation – to make sure your voice is heard in an area you think your thoughts and comments matter.

If in the future you are all looking for a mission not a job, then the development of your English will need to be integrated into this too. Simply learning English to get a job is one thing, but to make a difference in the world (in whichever way you want), is another more important feature of the future of English.

Not everyone is a great speaker whether you are a native speaker of English or not, but English can be a vehicle in which you reach more people on the mission of your choice.

Take time today to consider how your English will help you get that much closer to your mission in life. This will be the key to your future choice of education, employment, and travel. This time not just to gather wealth and status, but actually to do, say, write or hear something very important.

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