AI will make LIFELONG learning IMPOSSIBLE to avoid

AI learning

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The part I love most of all about AI in learning is that everyone will be a learner for life.

All the old sages say ‘We never stop learning’, but my experience has been that in fact (even in this day and age) that isn’t true for 50% of the population. A lot of people get the certificate they want from school, get themselves into a job they either like or hate, then just sit there. Yes, it still happens.

A lot of the reason for that is the shutdown of the mature person’s brain. The question is why is there a shutdown? Often it is because of the overwhelming amount of pressure on a person to maintain their security, either for themselves or their family, that forces the person to minimize all their own personal desires and wishes and allow preservation at any cost to be their bottom line. This is understandable when you are living in a situation where abundance is a foreign word, where free healthcare is an impossibility, and general life struggles take over. But AI will alleviate a lot of these things for the everyday person, in every corner or the world.

Yes, there will be of course, human foibles that will always make for ups and downs in life but the mere fact that we will be living in a world of everything at our fingertips, a huge amount of mundane daily pressure will be gone and we will only have to worry about the key major turning points for us and our families.

Now with AI, a person’s brain will never need to shut down because the internet of everything will be so imbedded in our psyche that there will be no desire to shut down. Experience and opportunity will permanently feel available to us. This abundance of prospect will be constant and every action will come down to if and when we desire it.

AI will be the biggest most fundamental change in our life for the future. It will affect all things we do and most importantly all things that we learn and how we learn it, for life.

Can’t wait!

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